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Shelter Plan Services in Mexico Provided by The Offshore Group Can Ensure Business Continuity

10 Feb 2012

When manufacturing business owners have worked hard all their lives, they want to ensure that their manufacturing business makes a smooth transition to their successors.  They want to not only minimize the stress of the transition itself, but also to assist in simplifying the continued operation of their companies as well. The Offshore Group understands these concerns, and stands ready to partner with owners of manufacturing businesses in the area of business continuity planning.

Experience tells us that “divide and conquer” is an excellent formula for success, and that is why reducing the amount of responsibility that successors have to assume will ultimately prove beneficial to their manufacturing success in a competitive global marketplace.

While those individuals to whom reins of the business have been passed can concentrate on manufacturing, The Offshore Group can attend to all of the other non-core responsibilities inherent to running a successful low-cost and low-risk manufacturing operation in Mexico.

Understanding the need of keeping as many manufacturing jobs as possible in North America, The Offshore Group provides facilities in Mexico that keeps the flow of cash in the Americas as opposed to going to the Far East. The majority of the suppliers that provide the components that manufacturers in Mexico use in their processes are typically U.S.-based, as it is most cost-effective to ship materials used in production from the East Coast, the Midwest, the Southwest, the West Coast or any other part of the United States. This works well with U.S.-based businesses' continuity plans, as there is a greatly reduced need, if any, to sever relationships with tried and true suppliers.

A viable Mexico manufacturing option, operating under the auspices of The Offshore Group’s ISO 9001:2008 registered Shelter Plan allows business owners to entrust the non-core aspects of their manufacturing business to capable, experienced and time tested hands. This will increase peace of mind, and give manufacturers the confidence that they need to operate a production facility in Mexico. As your successors oversee actual manufacturing processes and product quality, The Offshore Group tends to everything from facility provision to employee relations, and import-export operations.

There is, perhaps, no simpler way to ensure business continuity than by partnering with The Offshore Group in Mexico.


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