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Manufacturing in Mexico Events

The Offshore Group produces and hosts Manufacturing in Mexico events. During these events you will learn how your firm can establish and maintain low-cost and low-risk production facilities there. These events are designed to be the only Mexico manufacturing conferences that afford time scarce executives the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the variables that will affect their entrance into Mexico’s maquiladora manufacturing landscape in a compact and abbreviated time frame.

In a short period, manufacturing executives contemplating a Mexico project will:

  • Tour maquiladora factories that are currently in production and are operating under The Offshore Group’s ISO 9001:2008 certified Shelter Plan.
  • Attend a speaking program of Mexico industry experts.
  • Participate in an individual Mexico manufacturing cost modeling session in order to build a “spreadsheet factory” in order to determine an accurately estimated Mexico cost of operations.
  • Freely mingle, ask questions, network and share experiences with top level executives that currently operate maquiladora manufacturing facilities in Mexico, as well as with individuals working at the plant manager level throughout the course of the event.

No other Mexico manufacturing conference or seminar provides its attendees with the same depth, breadth and scope of relevant and useful information in a compact time frame.

The events, dates and locations will be announced later in 2013. Please stay tuned to this page for details.

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