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Industrial Parks and Facilities Management

Mexico industrial parks owned and operated by The Offshore Group comprise an inventory of nearly 3.5 million square feet of industrial space for exclusive use by the company’s clients.

Manufacturers operating in Mexico under The Offshore Group’s Shelter Program depend on functional and reliable facilities and infrastructure to produce goods day-to-day. Retaining ownership of the facilities and surrounding support infrastructure enables The Offshore Group to respond quickly to facilities problems with in-park maintenance and building-repair personnel. To minimize potential production down-time, the company’s building maintenance organization is equipped with the knowledge and the tools to address a multitude of building-related issues.  Equally important to the reliability and functionality of Offshore Group facilities is the service companies that provide power, water, sewage, phone, and other utilities to the Mexico industrial parks and to the buildings.

The Offshore Group has established strong working relationships with all key service providers so that response time and quality of work is attained. Security systems and personnel are located throughout the Mexico industrial parks to respond to any breach in security or unsafe condition.

Mexico Industrial Parks and Facilities Management Services

  1. Provide park access security guards and logging
  2. Provide in-park surveillance personnel
  3. Install in-park surveillance cameras and monitoring (G)
  4. Control and enforce in-park traffic rules and regulations
  5. Maintain Mexico industrial park:
    • Street marking and cleaning
    • Grounds and landscape maintenance
    • Lighting maintenance
  6. Maintain and repair buildings (as per contract)
    • Preventive and corrective maintenance
    • Structural
    • Roofing
    • HVAC
    • Electrical to building
    • Water to building
    • Sewer from building
  7. Coordinate local infrastructure service providers:
    • CFE (Power company)
    • Telmex (Voice and data circuits)
    • Local water, sewer, and refuse agencies
    • Local gas providers
    • Private subcontractors
  8. Provide janitorial services and supplies for:
    • Office areas and office restrooms
    • Restrooms in production area
  9. Project management:
    • New construction
    • Tenant improvements
  10. Provide pest control services
  11. Pay building insurance
  12. Make property tax payments
  13. Operate water desalinization plant (Empalme only)

G – Denotes Guaymas/Empalme Only
S – Denotes Saltillo Only

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