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Mexico Manufacturing Workforce Transportation Management

Mexico manufacturing workforce employed at The Offshore Group’s industrial parks needs reliable Transportation to go to and from work on time and in order to meet production schedules.

Realizing that local municipality-run and managed transportation is insufficient to meet the attendance requirements of Offshore Group manufacturing company clients, The Offshore Group manages the provision of Mexico manufacturing workforce transportation with local private bus owner/operators. The actual cost of busing people to and from client company factories is passed through to client. The Offshore Group carries out optimization algorithms that incorporate scheduled and non-scheduled hours of work on a daily basis to minimize client costs; and manages the reliability, performance and safety aspects of all busing providers.

An effectively managed Mexico manufacturing workforce busing program not only ensures adherence to production schedules but also contributes to employee satisfaction and retention by removing the transportation burden from people with limited resources.

Mexico Manufacturing Workforce Transportation Services

  1. Manage local private busing providers
  2. Monitor busing service reliability
  3. Monitor busing adherence to safety standards
  4. Manage & optimize bus routes and schedules
  5. Maximize bus occupancy to minimize costs
  6. Work with multiple plant schedules
  7. Provide service at extended hours, weekends, and holidays
  8. Include routes to and from remote areas
  9. Create of bus usage reports
  10. Allocate and report busing costs by client
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