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Advantage of Manufacturing in Guadalajara, Jalisco

View this demonstration of Guadalajara’s manufacturing base and diversity

Advantages of Manufacturing in Guadalajara are many.  The city has the third largest economy and industrial infrastructure in Mexico.  It is home to fourteen Mexico industrial parks, fourteen technology parks and ten software development complexes.

In its 2007 survey entitled "Cities of the Future,” FDI magazine ranked Guadalajara highest among major Mexican cities, and designated Guadalajara as having the second strongest economic potential of any major North American city behind Chicago. FDI Magazine also ranked the city as the most business-friendly Latin American city in 2007.

Most of Guadalajara's economic growth since 1990 has been tied to foreign investment.  Many Fortune 500 and international firms have invested significantly in the city to take advantage of its comparatively inexpensive labor by establishing Mexico maquiladoras which re-export their products to the United States.  Some companies produce goods for consumption in the internal Mexican market, as well.   This ability to export product, as well as to easily sell into the growing domestic market, is one of the major advantages of manufacturing in Guadalajara.

Guadalajara: Quick Mexico industrial site selection overview.

Mexico Industrial Location

  • home to many industrial parks, tech parks and software development centers
  • excellent location from which to export product to the U.S., or to sell into domestic market
  • three hundred and thirty miles from Mexico’s capital, Mexico City
  • proximity to a huge base of industrial suppliers, facilitates just-in-time production
  • amenities of a major city
  • mild year round temperatures

Mexico Labor

  • highest skill rankings in Mexico for electronics production, as well as for computer manufacturing
  • workforce skilled metal fabrication, plastics, biotech, textile and apparel, and footwear industries
  • pro-business government offers incentives in relation to training and other items
  • fifty percent payroll tax discount for companies creating new jobs
  • one thousand students obtain computer science and electrical engineering degrees per year
  • excellent union attitude towards management
  • competitive pay scales

Quality Industrial Infrastructure

  • fifteen thousand seven hundred and sixteen miles (15,716) of highway
  • quick access to two important NAFTA corridors: the Pacific corridor and the Central Western
  • one hundred and  ninety-three local and sixty-four international daily flights, including direct flights to Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, San Francisco, and Portland
  • reliable electric power and natural gas
  • developed rail network connecting Guadalajara to the deepwater port of Manzanillo , as well as to the country’s capital, Mexico City

Educational Resources

  • home to 16 colleges and universities, as well as many technical schools
  • educational institutions include: the University of Guadalajara, Monterrey Tech (Guadalajara campus), La Salle University and the Autonomous University of Guadalajara
  • schools for expat dependents include: the American School Foundation of Guadalajara, the John F. Kennedy School and the Lincoln School

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