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Manufacturing in Mexico FAll Events by the offshore Group

Manufactuirng in Guadalajara 2012 and the 18th Annual Manufacturing in Mexico Summit are two Mexico Manufacturing Fall Events that will be hosted by The Offshore Group in the coming months.

Manufacturing in Guadalajara 2012 will be held from September 18th - 20th at the Fiesta Americana Grand Hotel in the cosmopolitan and industrially diverse Mexican city of Guadalajara, while the 18th Annual Manufacturing Summit will be held at the Hotel Plaza San Carlos, in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico on October 25th and 26th. The region is home to The Offshore Group's Bella Vista and Roca

Fuerte Industrial Parks, as well as is home to one of the Mexican aerospace industry's most rapidly developing developing industry clusters.

Both events will afford attendees to aquire a significant amount of information related to the establishment and maintenance of a low cost and low risk manufacturing facility in Mexico under The Offshore Group's Mexico Shelter Plan.

Attendees at Manufacturing in Guadalajara 2012 and the 18th Annual Manufacturing in Mexico Summit will:

  •  Benefit from information imparted by expert and knowledgeable speakers
  •  Tour industrial parks, and, in Sonora, visit functioning maquiladora industry production plants
  • Learn as a result of meeting with the leadership of companies with manufacturing concerns currently operating in Mexico
  • Project Mexico manufacturing costs through performance of an exhaustive and personalized financial analysis of contemplated Mexico projects

These features make The Offhsore Group's Fall Manufacturing in Mexico Events singular in their value. Executives of manufacturing companies in the all major industries are invited to attend.

Manufacturing executives seeking to attend this year's events are welcome to visit the events websites, as well as to call 520-889-0022, ext. 1251 for further information.

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