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Manufacturing in Mexico

Manufacturing in Mexico has become the preferred alternative when other low-cost country locations are considered.

Manufacturing outsourcing studies and Mexico business articles by top consulting firms and business news outlets such as KPMG, AlixPartners and Bloomberg have recognized Mexico as being the top venue for manufacturing foreign direct investment, ranking favorably above China, Brazil and India.

According to Bloomberg Business Information, “as the wage gap narrows between China and Mexico, companies are increasingly coming to appreciate Mexico’s competitive advantages, especially during difficult economic times.  The combination of the benefits Mexican manufacturing locations offer include lower wages, stable labor relations, lower landed transportation costs, favorable currency exchange rates and reasonable tariff costs”.

The Offshore Group has enabled companies to capitalize on Mexico cost savings, while manufacturing in Mexico since 1986 by providing flexible Mexico shelter options to companies in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical device, HVAC, transportation and general manufacturing industries.   Offshore Group client companies employ an aggregate 12,000+ workers at its three main Mexico manufacturing locations.

Due to their flexible requirements, several Offshore Group clients involved in manufacturing in Mexico are successfully doing so at reduced risk and cost at locations that are situated outside of the confines of The Offshore Group’s main Mexico industrial real estate properties.  These “offsite” locations offer the same Mexico shelter plan benefits that are enjoyed by all Offshore Group clients.

To learn about manufacturing in Mexico with The Offshore Group, visit the following sections of the website:

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