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Mexico Manufacturing Shelter Plan

Mexico manufacturing shelter plan services provided by The Offshore Group enable companies to initiate and maintain their own Mexico manufacturing facilities at low cost and low risk.  While companies operating under The Offshore Group’s Shelter Plan maintain complete control over their core, value-added and strategically important functions, The Offshore Group’s extensive team of experienced professionals handles the many specialized details of doing business in Mexico.

Manufacturing cost reduction is the most sought after of the benefits of manufacturing in a low cost country environment.  Of the shelter companies in Mexico currently providing service to global manufacturers,  The Offshore Group offers the most comprehensive and flexible options.

What Offshore International’s Clients Do & Control:

Manufacturing Shelter Plan

What Offshore International, Inc. Does:

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Payroll and Benefit Management
  3. Import-Export Management
  4. Tax & Fiscal Compliance
  5. Environmental and Safety Compliance
  6. Occupational Health Services
  7. Procurement of Consumables
  8. Park and Facilities Management
  9. Workforce Transportation Management
  10. Client Courtesy Services
  11. Government and Community Affairs


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