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Mexico Shelter Companies Provide Manufacturing Advantage

Mexico shelter companies provide manufacturing advantage for firms that are under pricing and competitive pressures to aggressively identify and implement manufacturing cost-reduction measures and quality improvement strategies.

The Offshore Group, founded in 1986, is the largest Mexico shelter company and holds ISO 9000:2008 certification. In addition to being the largest private sector employer in the state of Sonora, The Offshore Group is the eighth largest maquiladora industry organization.

Not all Mexico shelter companies offer the turnkey “full service” manufacturing cost-reduction solution that The Offshore Group provides.   The Offshore Group’s Shelter Program not only enables companies to focus solely on their core manufacturing functions and product quality goals, but also provides them with industrial real-estate for lease at one of its secure Mexico manufacturing locations.

Production Cost Ranking

Each of The Offshore Group’s industrial parks has received special recognition for the quality of the infrastructure contained therein.   Having approximately three and a half million square feet of space in its inventory enables Offshore Group client companies to “flex-up” as their markets expand and sales increase, and, conversely, to “flex-down” should there be a downturn in business cycles.

For companies that have special real-estate needs that are not met within The Offshore Group’s industrial parks, “out of park” options” are available as well.

The Offshore Group also assists in the establishment of legal entities for firms seeking to sell product into Mexico’s domestic market.

Mexico shelter companies provide manufacturing advantage by mitigating risk. The structure of The Offshore Group’s business model is such that Offshore Group clients have no direct dealings with Mexico’s IRS equivalent and are often able to reallocate labor to other Offshore Group customers during downturns in demand and production.   Through The Offshore Group’s designation as a company that is “certified” by Mexican Customs for its long term, proven reliability, compliance and accuracy, Offshore Group clients’ shipments receive preferential treatment by Mexican Customs during bottlenecks that, at times, occur at the U.S. – Mexico border.

Mexico shelter companies provide manufacturing advantage.  Read more and find out why The Offshore Group is the industry leader, and is the only Mexico shelter company to have received the country’s prestigious "Premio Nacional de Exportación", or "National Exporters Award".

What Offshore International’s Clients Do & Control:

What Offshore International’s Clients Do & Control

What Offshore International Does:

Human Resources Management Payroll & Benefits Management Import & Export Management Tax and Fiscal Compliance Enviromental & Industrial Safety Compliance Occupational Health Services Procurement of Consumables in Mexico Park & Facilities Management Workforce Transportation Management Client Courtesy Services Government & Community Affairs

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