Board of Directors

Offshore Group Company Mexico Executive Leadership

Mexico executive leadership that directs The Offshore Group family of companies is comprised of shareholders that are amongst the most respected businessmen in their home states, as well as within the Mexican republic. As a result of their varied, decade’s long relationships with global manufacturers, they are well versed in contemporary international business practices.

The Offshore Group shareholder’s vision for the company stresses organizational stability, as well as excellence in service and company infrastructure. Sound company management principles have been a critical factor in The Offshore Group’s record of retaining its key management personal. Key employee retention is fundamental to the provision of a consistent, quality service.

The Offshore Group is known for the quality of the physical and human infrastructure that it offers to its customers under its manufacturing shelter program, and through similar services that it offers to companies that occupy the contact center, IT development and business processing market spaces. The company’s Mexico executive leadership has made substantial investments in a desalinization plant to supply The Offshore Group’s Bellavista Industrial Park with a reliable source of water and a fiber optic node at the Roca Fuerte Industrial Park that enables engineering intensive industry to easily transfer information between their headquarters and the shop floor. Also found in The Offshore Group’s industrial facilities are sports parks to encourage employee recreation and fitness, daycare centers to cater to the needs of working parents and medical facilities that attend to workers’ health.

Luis Felipe Seldner

Luis Felipe Seldner

Mr. Seldner Is co-founder, President and CEO of The Offshore Group. A native of Guaymas, Mexico, Seldner was educated in the U.S and received a bachelor’s degree in agriculture from California State Polytechnic University and a bachelor’s degree in business administration at The University of Arizona in Tucson. He is bilingual and well versed in both U.S. and Mexican business practices.

Seldner is a Mexico executive that serves on the national board of advisors of CANACINTRA, Mexico’s chamber of industry.  He is also a long time board member of Mexico’s national maquiladora association.  Before co-founding Offshore, he was president and general manager of Petrotransportadores, a Mexican petrochemical trucking firm.

Felix Tonella

Felix Tonella Luken

Strong ties with Northern Mexico’s industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors make Félix Tonella Luken an invaluable board member and shareholder of the Offshore Group. An attorney, Tonella Luken is board chairman of The Tonella Group, a diverse holding company based in Hermosillo, Sonora. Tonella Group businesses include Mexico industrial construction and real estate development, Volkswagen and tire dealerships, Pemex service concessions, and agriculture. His law degree is from the National University of México.

Roberto Gómez

Roberto Gómez

As a principal Mexico executive of the Tonella Group, Roberto Gómez del Campo is responsible for the Tonella Group’s Automotive Division and a board member and shareholder of the Offshore Group. Gómez del Campo’s civic commitments include having served as vice president and president of the National Association of Volkswagen Dealers in México, and membership in the Mexican National Association of Automobile Dealers.

Gómez del Campo is a civil engineer and a graduate of the University of Sonora.