Driven by Principles

In 2007, The Offshore Group began a quest to discover and understand the very principles that had been driving the success of the company for 21 years. Rather than come up with a number of arbitrary and commonly used moral-based principles that one often sees in frames and banners at company lobbies, our goal was to identify which non-negotiable values we needed to uphold day-in and day-out with our employees, clients, and service providers to sustainably meet our mission.

Our approach to this important endeavor is formal, continual, and it touches each and every one of our nearly 700 people working in Mexico and the U.S.

The Offshore Group Principles consist of a mission, vision, and values that drive every decision and activity of the company. Simply stated our Mission is to improve our clients' competitive advantage in the global marketplace. Our values are not one-size-fits-all an have therefore been defined by department so that each organizational segment of our company is driven by their own set of unwavering values unique to the goals and activities of that department with respect to their customer. Our departmental values include concepts like sense of urgency, best practices, collaborative leadership, efficient use of resources, empathy and many more.

When visiting any of our facilities or interacting with any of our people, please take a moment to have us explain in our own words what "Driven by Principles" means to us.