Executive Seminar on
How to do business in Mexico

October 18, 9:30am - Frankfurt, Germany

Learn from industry experts and world-class service providers as we explore the fundamental and technical aspects of operating in Mexico

  • Learn key business planning concepts and find out how to finance your operation and learn about your all-in-costs.
  • Learn about the different ways to begin a manufacturing operation in Mexico.
  • Understand Mexican culture and lifestyles.
  • Work on a customized cost analysis for your future operation in Mexico.
  • Understand how wages and payroll are calculated in Mexico.
  • Find out typical real estate and utility expenses for maintaining an operation in Mexico.

Join industry professionals for a networking lunch and find out how you fit into Mexico's manufacturing industry.

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Agenda for Mexico Seminar

Networking Lunch Provided

Doing Business in Mexico - 9:30 - 13:00

Welcome Address

Reasons To Consider Mexico

Review the top reasons to invest in Mexico incluiding: cost, demographics, market access, trade agreemnents, and overall business environment.

Gateways To Entry

Understand the advantages and risks of various points of entry incluiding joint ventures, ontract manufacturing, shelter provider, and standalone models.

Fiscal Primer

Get a comprehensive overview of taxation, currency and inflation, financing options, import and expoport programs, and available incentives.

Manpower in Mexico

Understand Mexico's labor market incluiding employer best practices, payroll and benefit, recruiment, overtime and severance, skillks and education, and overall culture

Coffee Break

Banking and Financial Support

Get and overview of your banking options; Mexio financing, financial support, and co-funding.

Safety and Lifestyle

Get comparative datam practical considerations and regional differencecs to find out how safe Mexico is. Understand how your expats can thrive in Mexico and find out about the climate's regional differences and cost implications./p>

Risk Factors

Learn about the typical failures, what can go wrong, and solutions to those problems. Understand political risks, IP protection, and how to protect yourself against he possibility of fraud and theft.

Questions and Anwsers

All speakers to praticipate in answering your specific questions on North American trade agreements, financing, government, labor and more!

Networking Lunch - 13:00 - 14:00

Join speakers and peers for a business lunch and meet like minded industry professionals. Lunch provided in adjacent restaurant and included for all.

Cost Estimation Training - 14:00 - 17:30

Interactive Cost Estimation Training - Laptop Required

A three and one half hour workshop that includes a presentatino of typical cost factors incluiding Real estate costs energy and expenses, and payroll. An in-depth cost estimation exercise included, attendees proveded with an excel spreadsheet to take home.

Register For - Doing Business in Mexico!

Join us for a day of information, knowledge, and insight on how to manufacture in Mexico.

Doing Business in Mexico

Join us in the morning for an in-depth overview of manufacturing in Mexico with industry experts.

Lunch, coffee and refreshments to be provided

Cost Estimation Training

Join us in the afternoon for an interactive workshop and come away with insight and numbers that will help you make a desicion about Mexico.

Bring a laptop. Lunch, coffee and refreshments to be provided

The Offshore Group

For over 32 years The Offshore Group has provided infrastructure, resources, and services to companies manufacturing in Mexico - no matter the size. Our industry information and expert knowledge have brought insight to over 1000 companies trying to make a decision about Mexico. Our mission is to enable companies to launch, operate, and thrive in sustainable industry operations. Currently, The Offshore Group supports over 80 clients and employs 23,000 people in the U.S. and Mexico.

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