Hernan Gonzalez, Director of International Development at the Cydsa Group

Hernan Gonzalez

Director of International Development at the Cydsa Group

Hernan Gonzalez is a Director in charge of International Development at the Cydsa Group, a Monterrey-based industrial conglomerate with business units in chemicals and textiles (www.cydsa.com); additionaly, the Chief Representative of Luisiana Economic Development in Mexico, and provides marketing or representation services to Falcon Management Partners (savings-oriented consulting company) and the Daga Group (high-level design and construcion projects), among others.

Formerly, for a period of one year, he was the Director General of Marketing of the Universal Forum of Cultures Monterrey 2007, and during eight years, he was the Director of College Advancement (fundraising) on behalf of Regiomontana University, one of he three important universities supported by the local groups in monterrey.

He serves on The Board of Directos at the Monterrey chapter of the American Chamber of Commerce, acts as the Honorary Vice Consul of Japan in Monterrey and was, for eight years, Vice Chairman of the Mexico-Japan Business Committee within the Mexican Council for Foreign Trade. He is also a board member and a former president of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce of Monterrey, and served as a board member of the Washington-based U.S.-Mexico Chamber of Commerce.

Prior to joining Cydsa in September, 1995, Mr. Gonzalez lived in the United States and Europe for more than fifteen years, marketing consumer products.

He was also, for close to 20 years, a Consultant, Promoter or Representative of dozens of American, European, and Mexican companies, helping them in international marketing activities.

By way of education, Mr. Gonzalez received an MBA degree from the Harvad Business School in Boston, Massachusetts, and BSc degree in industrial Engineering from the Monterrey Technological Institue in Monterrey, Mexico.

Mr. Gonzalez speaks and writes fluent English, French and Spanish, has a working knowledge of German and italian, and has authored several books on his international marketing experiences.

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