Energy Manufacturing in Mexico

While Mexico currently holds the position as being the seventh-largest petroleum producing country in the world, it s energy sector is currently undergoing a massive overhaul. Many people may not think of the country’s oil and natural gas sectors as a major component of Mexico’s industrial activity, but it is.

For years, much of the country’s energy production was privatized and handled by a single, state-run organization. However, the government is aggressively pushing for reforms that will allow foreign companies to come in and introduce new innovations that will move the sector into the future and beyond.

In advance of these legislative changes, the University of Texas at Austin noted the Mexican governments increased push to educate people living in the country in the areas of geophysics, petroleum engineering, physics and geology. Over the next 10 years, there will be 2.5 million open jobs in Mexico’s energy sector, with many of these positions being filled by workers who have been competently trained in critical business areas related to natural gas and oil production.

Foreign energy companies will have an opportunity to capitalize on Mexico’s ever growing standing as one of the world’s most rapidly developing nations. As the government continues to pass reforms and overhaul its energy sector in the form of taxes and general legislation, energy could be yet another industry where Mexico will benefit from offshoring activity.

The Offshore Group is keeping a watchful over the changes taking place within Mexico’s energy sector, in preparation for the eventual opening of the industry to foreign companies. As the government continues to push for those living in the country to educate themselves in all aspects of natural gas and oil productions, companies can be assured that their offshoring efforts will be successful due to the highly skilled and competent workforce.