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On December 23, 1823, Queretaro became the 11th Mexican state. It’s located within Mesa Central, and with an area of about 4,500 square miles, it’s one of the smallest states in the country. Mountains border Queretaro to the north, and there are plains and valleys to the south. The area contains diverse ecosystems - from deserts to jungles - and a third of the territory is taken up by the Sierra Gorda region. Queretaro has a population of about 2 million with most of the citizens living in and around its capital city, Santiago de Querétaro.

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The two main drivers of Queretaro economy are agriculture and manufacturing. Fruits, corn and grain crops grow in the southern part of the state, but in recent years manufacturing has become the area’s primary industry. It makes up a third of the state’s gross domestic product. Manufacturing advantages offered by Queretaro include access to local mineral mines and a skilled workforce. In 2015, foreign organizations invested over $1 billion to industries in the state - most of which went to manufacturing. Industrial parks in Santiago de Querétaro and San Juan del Río create metal goods, chemicals and innovative machinery.
Queretaro Economy


Queretaro has over 2,000 miles of highways and 300 miles of railroad trucks. These forms of transportation connect the territory directly to Mexico City and Ciudad Juarez, but it’s a 9-hour drive to the U.S. border. Queretaro has an international airport and serves as a vital link in global trade and domestic travel. The Terminal de Autobuses de Querétaro is a transport point for individuals traveling between the northern and southern regions of Mexico. The Queretaro government has its own inner customs office to prepare materials for import and export.
Queretaro Infrastructure


The State of Queretaro has over 2,000 remedial education facilities and 115 high school campuses. University schooling is the fastest growing level of education in the area. Santiago de Querétaro has 22 universities and technical schools. The availability of specialized training and local investments in manufacturing futures encourages local citizens to promote degrees in engineering, manufacturing and construction. In January 2016, 2.6 percent of researchers located in Mexico were found in Queretaro, with representatives from the state focusing on engineering, physics and mathematics.
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