Flex Services

While operating in one of our manufacturing communities provides immediate cost savings from our economies of scale and the most comprehensive level of support, clients with specific location requirements, specialized real estate needs, legal framework preferences, and a more customized service offering, can benefit from our Flex Services.

Our Flex Services include any combination of the following:

  • Advisory services To support your due diligence in the decision making process, we are equipped with first-hand knowledge and industry expertise to present highly relevant information and make recommendations that specifically addresses your manufacturing objectives and corporate directives in Mexico.
  • Site Selection Our engagement in the site selection process can begin with the broad scope of identifying labor, infrastructure, and logistics characteristics, or the more narrow scope of working with local real estate land owners and developers to find the right site for your operation. In either case, both short and long term considerations are explored, analyzed, and presented.
  • Legal framework configuration Risks and costs can be mitigated depending on the structure and role of the legal entity in Mexico through which employment, contracts, regulatory compliance, and general business is conducted. The resulting legal framework that a foreign company adopts in Mexico will affect the amount and timing for paying income taxes, profit sharing, employment and regulatory exposure, labor union relations, and the manner in which buy and sell transactions are carried out in Mexico.
  • Soft-landing management Defined here as the process of eliminating the potentially costly and distracting learning curve associated with establishing a stable manufacturing environment in Mexico, our approach to soft-landing is to anticipate issues and deal with them in advance. With over 28 years of experience helping foreign companies establish a manufacturing presence in Mexico, few companies have the resources and preparedness to manage the soft-landing process as effectively as The Offshore Group.
  • Full or partial ongoing services and support The Offshore Group offers 6 core areas of service and support to foreign companies that wish to manufacture in Mexico:
    - Human resources
    - Import & export
    - Facilities
    - Regulatory compliance
    - Accounting & taxes
    - In-Mexico purchasing of goods and services

When operating outside of our manufacturing communities, we provide configurations in which some or all of the above core areas of service are provided to meet the specific needs of clients.

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