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of our Manufacturing Communities

What is a Manufacturing Community?

A scalable, low cost manufacturing environment in Mexico that integrates Class A industrial space, support services and a legal framework that collectively enhance productivity and efficiency through economies of scale.

Class A Industrial Space in Mexico

Delivers an effective, reliable and modular infrastructure for producing even the most complex goods.

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Support Services for Manufacturers

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Human Resource Management
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Import Export Management
Park and Facilities Management in Mexico
Park and Facilities Management
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Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health
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Payroll & Benefits, Indirect Spend, Accounting and Taxes
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Mexico Logistics

Our Legal Framework

Gives foreign companies of any size, full control over their manufacturing activities in Mexico without the burdens and distractions associated with operating in a foreign country.

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Our Manufacturing Locations in Mexico

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Benefits of our Manufacturing Communities

1. Lower Cost

Although labor costs in Mexico are lower than in many other countries, proximity to North American customers and suppliers makes logistics more affordable.

2. Less Exposure

When the responsibility of dealing with governmental and regulatory bodies is shared, financial and operational risk is mitigated.

3. Improved Productivity

In an environment with fewer distractions and less administrative burdens, you can easily implement lean, six-sigma and other process improvement methodologies.

4. More Flexibility

The ability to scale an operation’s size to meet demand is best achieved in a shared-services environment.

5. Faster Startup

Our clients step into an already established legal framework and manufacturing community that allows them to quickly begin operations.

6. Total Compliance

Our team of fiscal, labor, customs, and environmental health and safety experts ensures there will be no unnecessary costs or manufacturing interruptions due to a lack of regulatory compliance.

7. Shorter Learning Curve

Our clients immediately benefit from our soft landing service.

8. Higher Employee Retention

Our clients seek a strong return on investment, including the resources allocated to training of personnel. Our manufacturing communities support the ROI by having amenities and benefits that employees will not easily find in working with other employers.

9. Continuous Improvement

The services we provide clients evolve as new demands enter the marketplace. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification gives us a solid foundation to continually improve the processes that affect our clients’ business.

10. Corporate Social Responsibility

Thousands of families depend on the employment opportunities our clients produce, and we continually look to the community to enhance work skills and elevate the standard of living in the regions where we operate.

Clients Operating in our Manufacturing Communities

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