Human Resource Management Services in Mexico

To any manufacturer, acquiring and keeping the right people can mean the difference between failure or success. Behind our Human Resource Management Department is a highly experienced recruiting and employee retention staff using state-of-the-art HR systems in an ISO9001:2008 certified work environment that delivers reliable results. Our Human Resource infrastructure ensures that over 16,500 employees working across 57 manufacturing clients are working within Mexico’s labor law requirements, under agreed upon labor union contracts, and most importantly are contributing to the objectives of our clients that are manufacturing in Mexico.

The features of our Manufacturing Human Resource Management services include:


Analyzing local labor availability in Mexico

First-hand knowledge of the labor market in Mexico

Wages, benefits, workforce skills and availability, as well as access to managerial and leadership talent can vary significantly between regions and states in Mexico, and often vary within a few miles of a particular city. The location of a manufacturing facility in Mexico must therefore be carefully evaluated not only to determine current workforce conditions but also to anticipate future labor market conditions.

Two Human Resource Management professionals interviewing and recruiting a Mexican worker

Recruiting of labor, technical, engineering, and leadership positions

The Offshore Group carries out distinct processes for recruiting direct labor and for recruiting technical and leadership positions. Labor market conditions, which can change rapidly, often call for innovative approaches to find candidates for the job positions that our clients require. In addition to traditional advertising campaigns, The Offshore Group has field recruiters, manages a referral network with community leaders, is an active participant in local HR and related trade organizations to identify best practices, and utilizes digital media and social networks to recruit for more specialized positions.
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An employee of The Offshore Group in Mexico

Employer of record and compliance with Mexican labor law

The Offshore Group structures its HR services around the idea that foreign companies that manufacture in Mexico are more likely to be interested in focusing time, attention, and resources on making high quality products at lower costs and with improved delivery to their customers. Mexico’s labor laws place responsibilities on employers of record that may often distract and absorb managerial and financial resources that are best focused on production activities. For this reason, The Offshore Group stays current on related compliance requirements, works with competent legal teams and attorneys, and most importantly implements preventive actions to avoid potentially costly labor-related compliance violations.

Labor Union Negotiation in Mexico

Labor union relations & negotiations

Labor unions play an important role in maintaining valuable communication channels between employers and employees. Every day, The Offshore Group works with labor union stewards and leaders to address issues and implement improvements. Each year, labor contracts for direct labor positions are negotiated to reflect market conditions. Therefore, fostering a strong day-to-day relationship with the local and regional union chapters ensures that mutual interests are achieved.
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Mexico Manufacturing worker being trained

Facilitation of skills development for manufacturing employees in Mexico

The Offshore Group acts as a liaison between local, state, federal educational and governmental institutions to provide resources in the form of facilities, training programs, training cost offsets, and other means for developing skills demanded by our manufacturing clients. In addition, The Offshore Group maintains skills development facilities within its Manufacturing Communities that currently provide training in areas such as CNC machining and TIG, MIG, and Stick welding, as well as training in computer aided design (CAD), lean, six-sigma, and 5s disciplines.

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Employee Problem Resolution in Mexico

Employee and employment problem resolution

The Offshore Group’s HR department is staffed with specialists with an open door policy on resolving employee issues. In addition, our in-house-built HR systems report data, trends and reasons that may be resulting in excessive absenteeism and turnover so that appropriate actions can be taken. When disciplinary or even employment termination actions are called for, our HR experienced staff acts professionally, equitably, and per Mexican labor law.
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Employee busing in Mexico

Employee transportation coordination

The economies of scale built from our Manufacturing Communities gives our clients access to an employee transportation infrastructure that ultimately ensures employees are able to arrive on time, both at work and back to their homes. Our transportation coordination team and systems configure busing routes on a daily basis to reflect work schedule changes and simultaneously optimize the use of buses to ensure the lowest possible cost is achieved.
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Medical Care for Mexican Manufacturing Workers

Medical care provision and employee amenities

Each of our Manufacturing Communities have facilities, supplies and a medical staff that is able to quickly see and treat a wide variety of medical conditions, assess if emergency treatment is required, and assist employees with doctor appointments and follow-up care. For clients that operate outside of our Manufacturing Communities we ensure that the legally required on-site medical care is fulfilled.
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