Recruiting Services in Mexico

Over the past 28 years, The Offshore Group has built one of Mexico’s most robust and effective recruiting organizations. Its expertise, state-of-the-art systems, and ISO9001:2008 certified processes are utilized every day to find the right people for the job.

Marking the distinction between our recruiting practices and those of competitors, is our focus on manufacturing environments and the fact we have in place today 16,500 people working across 57 manufacturing client companies demanding certain qualifications in their workforce.

Before the actual recruiting effort begins, our team of experts gathers and analyzes labor market intelligence for a specific state, city or even neighborhood to determine economic and work conditions that will result in performance, retention and competitiveness. Even within specific neighborhoods, labor market conditions can (and do) change over time based on supply and demand for certain skills, and planning around predictable labor market factors and even taking innovative approaches to find candidates is often necessary for effective recruiting to take place.

Because the range of skills demanded by manufacturers is often wide, our methods for finding candidates vary depending on whether we are recruiting 200 direct labor workers for an electromechanical assembly operation, or 15 skilled CNC machine operators for an aerospace products manufacturer, or supervisors, technicians, managers, and leaders with industry specific knowledge and experience.

In addition to traditional advertising campaigns, The Offshore Group has field recruiters, manages a referral network with community leaders, is an active participant in local/regional HR and related trade organizations to identify best practices, and utilizes digital media and social networks to recruit for more specialized positions.