Import and Export Management Services in Mexico

Our clients manufacturing in Mexico rely on the availability of materials and equipment to produce their goods in a timely manner. Most of our clients’ production materials come from suppliers located in the United States, Canada, the Far East, and Europe. Our import and export teams work to ensure those goods cross the borders at the lowest possible cost and in complete compliance with regulatory requirements.

Benefits of our Import and Export Management:

    • Customs cost predictability and containment
    • Reduced financial and operating risk through 100% compliance
    • Reduction in delays at border crossing ports

Our team of import and export specialists continually work to ensure that our clients maintain a competitive advantage when it comes to timeliness, cost, compliance, and maintaining the integrity of goods. In 2016, our import and export infrastructure declared over $2.03 billion USD in shipments entering and leaving Mexico. The more significant achievement, however, is that over 97 percent of the import and export transactions that we conduct on behalf of our clients every year do not incur undue duties, fees and delays.


Offshore Group employees conducting Import and Export training

Startup Training and Logistics Resource Alignment

Many of our clients do not have experience moving goods across the U.S.-Mexico border or could benefit from the additional training we provide as part of our import/export services. The Offshore Group has defined processes to ensure that all parties involved in moving goods across the border are working in unison so that delays and undue costs can be eliminated.

Offshore Group Employees working to mitigate import and export duties

Determination and Mitigation of Import duties

Import duties depend on multiple factors, including country of origin and the harmonized tariff schedules of specific items. The Offshore Group has the expertise to manage tens of thousands of part numbers and HTS classifications. We also have the ability to enroll our import clients in special programs so that import duties can be mitigated or eliminated entirely.

Loading goods on truck at US cross dock

U.S. Based Cross Docking Facilities and Infrastructure

Our cross-dock facilities in Tucson, Arizona and Pharr, Texas represent another way in which our import and export services facilitate the flow of materials and equipment to and from our clients’ factories in Mexico. These locations act as freight consolidation centers where a pre-border-inspection process takes place. Materials are staged for shipping to factories in Mexico where finished goods can then be shipped to cities in the U.S. or to other locations around the world.

Learn more about our U.S. based cross docking facilities and infrastructure

Crossing goods into Mexico at the border

Importer and Exporter of Record in Mexico

The compliance responsibilities associated with being an importer and exporter in Mexico span across Mexico’s Department of the Economy, customs and the Treasury Department. The Offshore Group acts as the importer and exporter of record and does so with in-house experts, state-of-the-art systems and controls, and strong partnerships in the customs brokerage and legal community.

Crossing Goods at US- Mexico Border

Mexican Customs Regulatory Compliance

Mexican Customs has specific provisions for legal entities that are manufacturing goods for foreign parties. Said operations are commonly referred to as a maquiladora, which mitigates import duties and taxes through government programs such as IMMEX, PROSEC, NEEC and others. The Offshore Group’s Mexican Customs Compliance Department meets and exceeds government requirements and works to create a seamless border for the 58 clients that our company works in partnership with.

On Site Mexico Custom Brokers

Customs Brokerage Relationship Management

Every cross-border or in-country customs transaction involves the services and expertise of a licensed Mexican Customs broker. The Offshore Group carefully selects and evaluates its broker partnerships and works day-to-day with over eight firms to ensure the clearance of goods for customs purposes is done in a timely manner, at a competitive and predictable cost and with full regulatory compliance.

Mexico Import Export Management Staff meeting

Inbound and Outbound Operations

Moving products across the Mexican border involves collaboration between as many as eight separate entities between the U.S. and Mexico to complete a single transaction. The Offshore Group’s Import/Export Operations Department coordinates the activities of all the parties so clients can focus on hitting production quotas, ensuring quality and meeting delivery deadlines.

Import Export Auditors

Regulatory Audit Management

Our clients’ manufacturing sites in Mexico are often audited by government authorities to ensure compliance with Mexico’s Anexo 24 regulations and the North American Free Trade Agreement. From the moment an audit is announced The Offshore Group’s Import/Export Compliance team responds and manages every aspect of the process. This ensures that production activities aren’t interrupted. It also and helps relieve the burdens associated with these audits.