U.S. Cross Docking

To support client companies that operate in one of our Manufacturing Communities in Mexico, we provide a combined 150,000 square feet of cross docking infrastructure on the U.S. side of the U.S.-Mexico border to facilitate the movement of raw materials, machinery, equipment, and finished goods to and from their Mexico factories.

Our U.S. cross docks serve as a means to consolidated client freight, both Mexico-bound or outbound, to carry out pre-border-crossing inspections, and most importantly to provide low cost cross-border and in-Mexico LTL/Consolidated freight options.

Our cross docking infrastructure consists of expert warehouse staff, handling equipment, and management, as well as day-to-day work processes that are managed through our ISO9001:2008 certified practices.

Key benefits of using our cross dock facilities are shorter waiting times at the border, 100% regulatory compliance, careful handling of client goods, traceability, a preventive-action work environment, and access to low cost freight options.