Industrial Park and Facilities Management in Mexico


    • Achieve maximum operational continuity
    • Lower costs through preventative maintenance
    • Operate in safe and secure park environments
Over the past 28 years, The Offshore Group has built over 4 million square feet of class A industrial space in strategically located regions of Mexico within secure industrial parks.

The industrial parks owned and operated by The Offshore Group contain a comprehensive set of on-site services for rapid response to any and all infrastructure issues. We call our industrial parks Manufacturing Communities.

Each of our manufacturing communities provides clients with the capacity to grow, often in adjacent spaces or through build-to-suit projects. Our lead time for constructing a new building within our specifications is just over five months.

CCTV Sureillance Saltillo Mexico

24/7 park security, surveillance, and controlled access

Over 54 of our manufacturing clients rely on our ability to carry out effective security practices. Our security personnel are trained and continually advised on best practices to effectively manage physical access, threat awareness, incident reporting and root cause analysis, and physical security. Our staff also maintain close ties with local law enforcement. State-of-the-art surveillance cameras are placed throughout our Manufacturing Communities and are linked to a command center that records activity and responds to any and all security breaches or suspicious activity.

Water Tank in Empalme, Sonora Mexico

Utilities provision monitoring

The Offshore Group works to ensure that any utility-related delivery or quality issues are addressed quickly. As a major customer to the local utilities through our economies of scale, our industrial parks are assigned preferential response should any unforeseen conditions occur.

Facilities Management Employees in Mexico Servicing AC UNit

Infrastructure preventive maintenance

The Offshore Group is able to maintain continuity and quality through routine management processes. Electrical transformers undergo scheduled maintenance to ensure electrical costs remain low without negatively impacting quality. Our desalinization facility and its storage in tanks also undergo periodic quantitative and qualitative reviews and corrective actions when necessary. Other industrial park infrastructure that is regularly maintained includes street lighting, pavement, drainage, perimeter fencing, access control systems, surveillance systems, and waste and refuse removal.

Facilities Maintenance Employee in Mexico

Building repairs and maintenance

Clients are able to focus on productive activities due to The Offshore Group’s in-park building engineering staff, which quickly responds to any issues. Included in our building maintenance services is the cost of all janitorial supplies as well as service of bathrooms and office areas.

Industrial Building Construction in Mexico

Tenant improvement management

The Offshore Group provides its clients with class A building features that may require upgrading. We facilitate the tenant improvement process by providing competitive bidding and contractor selection, project planning help and project monitoring assistance when required.