Payroll & Benefits, Indirect Spend, Accounting and Taxes

Payroll Administration Management

By leveraging over 30 years of our experience managing payroll, state-of-the-art manufacturing systems and ISO9001 process controls foreign companies operating in one of our Mexico Manufacturing Communities are assured of accurate and timely wage payments to both hourly and salaried employees, along with complete compliance with governmental agency requirements related to payroll.

Our payroll process includes a real-time collection of hours and attendance, pre-payroll verification runs, direct deposits, ATM machines, payroll tax reporting and payments, and interface capabilities with manufacturing enterprise systems.

Clients benefit from our payroll operations located within our Manufacturing Communities for fast and convenient service.

Employee Benefits Management

Employees that work at any of our Manufacturing Communities, in addition to receiving government, employer, and labor union (where applicable) benefits; have access to an “employee help desk” that serves as the equivalent of a customer service counter.

Our “employee help desk” feature takes employees by the hand when applying for government housing benefits, credit purchasing programs, and with education on how their retirement funds and social security benefits work.

The employer side of benefits management consists of experts that are ensuring that employment offerings are competitive in the marketplace and that federal, state and municipally mandated benefits are met and paid for according to law. In addition, any benefits that arise from negotiations with the applicable labor union are incorporated into our business systems and processes, and their provision is facilitated by our staff.

Indirect Spend Management

Clients that operate in one of our Manufacturing Communities in Mexico are able to leverage economies of scale and achieve cost reductions on purchases of consumables, MRO, packaging supplies, and other indirect items and services.

Our indirect purchasing department maintains a database of local and regional vendors and products/services along with unit costs and notes on vendor quality and delivery.
Using an online portal, Clients can not only browse and select commodities and vendors but are also able to place purchase orders. Our accounts payable staff uses a three way match system consisting of proof of delivery, authorized purchase order, and vendor invoice which triggers payments.

Our Purchasing teams are trained and equipped to identify and resolve vendor issues, implement root cause analysis and preventive actions, and protect client interests that pertain to in-Mexico procurement.

Accounting and Taxes Management

Foreign companies that operate in our Manufacturing Communities in Mexico benefit from a legal framework that provides a permanent establishment protection for four years which in turn acts as an income tax shelter for four years.

In addition to an extended income tax benefit, our legal framework provides the means for value added tax reimbursement on all client expenditures that are incurred in Mexico where a 16% value added tax is assessed and collected. Moreover, our Mexican legal entities are certified to the requirements of Mexico’s treasury enforcement agency known as SAT. Companies with a VAT Tax Certification by SAT enjoy an instant credit on VAT tax assessed on all imported goods as well as a shortened reimbursement period for VAT paid on Mexico purchases of goods and services.

In order for our client companies to enjoy the fiscal benefits of operating under our legal framework, strict accounting practices and controls are carried out by our experienced accounting department which is supported by customized software and ISO9001:2008 certified processes.